The height of nerddom is where I post my technical, technological (and sometimes techno-illogical) musings — the ones that cause the eyes of my non-nerdy family and friends to gloss over as they nod, smile politely, and wonder in their head what it is that I’m on about now.

I’m usually on about web development, digital freedoms like free speech and privacy, open source software, crypto (all of cryptography: the maths as well as the political and socioeconomic impact cryptography has on the world — from PGP, SSL, VPN’s and Tor empowering individuals with free, military-grade communications privacy, to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and decentralized blockchain apps spawning a radical new peer-to-peer economic revolution that will replace banks and, soon, governments!), how drones + AI + autonomous cars better == unmanned helicopter taxi’s in my lifetime — stuff like that 🙂

I’m also often on about energy: the clean kind like solar, wind, geothermal, hydrogen and other new technologies that we need, and the dire issues surrounding all the dirty fossil fuels that humans have used to get us this far, such as fracking and pipelines and spills (oh, my!).  And, space — the science, travel, vehicles, going there, building hotels…

When not nerding out about all that, I can usually be found being a husband, father of four, son of a mom, brother, grandfather of two, and uncle to… like a dozen!  But you’re squarely in the geek zone, here.