Latest Free Test Image from Microsoft for running Windows browsers in a VirtualBox



If you do any sort of web development, you cannot (yet) escape the need to test your work in Microsoft browsers.  And if you use a Mac or Linux, this usually means running a test instance of Windows on a virtual machine.  And that (used to) mean having to pay for a Windows license, just to test — grr.  But one fine day Microsoft realized that if they wanted us web developers who use Macs and Linux to test our sites in their Windows browsers, they’d have to make a free solution, and they did!  And they’ve made Windows virtual machine images available for free now, for a few years.  They have some limitations — they “expire”, usually every few months, so you have to slog through reinstalling them from a fresh image periodically, often finding that you can’t and you need to download an updated one, but all that’s a small price to pay for never having to pay Microsoft to support their browsers ever again 🙂

Released 2018-04-25:

But I always forget where Microsoft keeps these (and so do they, apparently, since they keep moving the URL around!)  So in this post, I will track the latest-greatest here, for all time, I promise.  So you can bookmark the permalink of this post eternally, subscribe to its RSS feed (its what?) …and then you will always know — as soon as i notice — whenever a new one is released!  Or, if not, please drop me a comment below so I can update this page with the newest, and grooviest, release available!

MS Edge on Win 10 (x64) Stable 17.17134

(wait, what? — When did they rename Internet Explorer… “Edge”?? or is that just a codename for IE 12? whatevs…)

Update #1: Sorry! Downloading this huge file from that link is Soooooooo Slooooowwww! (What, is on a 9600 baud modem dialing up to AOL? Jeez!) So, since Microsoft won’t distribute it as a torrent, or on a download server with reasonably fast bandwidth, and it took me many, many hours and multiple tries — over several days — to download the latest 4.3GB machine image, Allow me to save you from that pain and make it available from here using free, decentralized, crowd-sourced bandwidth, as any modern developer living and working in the third millennium would expect:

(duh) A Torrent of The Same File (courtesy of

Oh, and here’s

The corresponding Magnet Link

(clicking which will save you the trouble of saving-and-then-launching the intermediate/temporary .torrent file (among other things, i’m sure! …like protecting your free speech and privacy, stopping burglars from jacking the stereo out of your car, preventing your girlfriend from cheating on you, and more)

Enjoy, and please seed!